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climate controlled storage unitDo You Need a Climate Controlled Unit?

Utah is home to some of the best communities and outdoor activities in the country. However, it's also home to some of the most extreme temperatures. Blazing heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter can create problems if you have goods in storage units. unless you have a climate controlled unit.

Many of our customers choose a climate controlled unit when they have items that can be delicate and might be ruined by temperature extremes. Whether you just need a place to store goods for a few months, or you're looking for long-term storage for your goods, we provide ideal climate-controlled units that are safe, reliable, and convenient.


Metal components in your device can corrode in bad weather. Humidity and moisture, over time, can be equivalent to a spill, causing electrical components to short, rust, and break altogether. Climate control is also recommended for plasma screens, which can be damaged by both extreme cold and heat.


Both wooden and leather furniture can be damaged by weather. Humidity can cause wood to crack and fluctuations in temperature makes it so the frame is constantly expanding and contracting. The same situation happens with leather, which is vulnerable to swings in temperature. Moisture can also cause stains in the fabric that cannot be removed.


Instruments are very susceptible to temperature changes. Temperature swings can change the tension on a drum, snap the strings of a guitar, and corrode a trumpet. Humidity can also damage wood and metal components of any instrument, leading to rust, cracked joints, and cracks in the body of the instrument.


Whether your collection is made up of stamps, coins, or comic books, these precious items should be protected from the elements. Humidity can stain and damage paper items. Extreme temperatures can speed the oxidation process for collectible coins. Heat can destroy the glue used in old books. And if your favorite collection consists of rare wine vintages, climate control is essential. Good wine needs a consistently cool temperature in order to maintain its value.

What Does Climate Control Entail?

In our climate control units, we put the power in your hands. It's up to you what the ideal temperature is. We usually recommend a humidity level of about 50% since it's the ideal condition for most items and will protect you from damage caused by too much moisture in the air. Our climate controlled units are insulated to prevent wasted energy and to maintain a more consistent climate inside of the unit.